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Thu 26 Feb

Roomba iCreate Unresponsive with Player/Stage

I am working on a research project that uses an iCreate, the hacker's version of the Roomba. It's a nice litle platform, particularly when you extend its functionality with Player/Stage. We have a laptop mounted on top of the robot, which gives us a lot of flexibility with what we can do with it. However, until recently, we'd been seeing some very erratic behavior from the robot.

Scenario: iCreate plus Command Module running Player/Stage 2.1.2, connected via USB-to-serial cable from a laptop to the robot's serial port. Player runs fine and properly accepts clients (such as playerjoy). However, the robot seemingly randomly will stop responding to input from client programs, apparently getting "stuck" on the last command you gave it.

Solution: The problem is actually the command module. For some reason, even when the command module is turned off, the robot exhibits this strange behavior. Removing the Command Module resolved the problem for us.

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