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Wed 10 Mar

"We are the kids from Blue Grass"

I went to Blue Grass Elementary School in Knoxville, Tennessee some years ago. We had an awesome school song that I can't find on the web, so I'm posting it here.

"We are the kids from Blue Grass,
We think our school is really neat.
Teachers and kids and parents too,
We know that they all can't be beat.
Each day's a new adventure,
We're growing in so many different ways.
We think its grand you'll understand,
That we say Blue Grass we love you."

(from the "We are the kids from Blue Grass" Facebook group)

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Sun 21 Sep

Red Alert is Back!

One of my fondest memories from my childhood gaming days was playing Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Such an intimidating name, isn't it? I started craving some old school RTS action after the UNC Computer Science Club meeting when we played Starcraft for a few hours. I had tried installing my old copies of Red Alert a few times over the years, but I could never get them to run on WinXP or Vista machines.

Well, I found out yesterday that as of a couple weeks ago, Westwood Studios released Red Alert as a free download [warning: video start playing in link] in celebration of their 13th year. And the best part, they included a patch to let you play the old Win95 game in XP and Vista.

I've blown most of my weekend playing that game. I remember the first time I played it was in Jordan while I was visiting my relatives there. I spent HOURS a day sitting on the computer blowing crap up. In retrospect, I wish I had taken that time to get to know my family there better or, say, learn Arabic while my brain was still willing to absorb such things. Regardless, now I have Red Alert back to eat up my time, and it's just as fun as it was years ago.