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Wed 14 Dec

The world gets cloudier: AWS goes to Sao Pablo

Amazon launched the Sao Paulo region today for their AWS cloud services. I'm glad to see cloud providers branching out to new markets beyond the US and Europe. Apparently, both South American companies and international companies looking to serve the South American market have been clamoring for such a move from Amazon.

While this will be great for the tech scene there, I'm interested to know how this new infrastructure will benefit the broader community of South American Internet users, and in particular how this will impact the cost of international bandwidth in South America. Historically, international bandwidth costs have been a key limitation for the proliferation of affordable Internet access throughout the developing world. This makes sense: running international fiber is expensive, and it often requires a consortium of telco's working together to make it happen (e.g., EASSy). The major cloud providers, on the other hand, have plenty of capital to finance submarine cable construction. Heck, they could build their own cable infrastructure if they wanted to: I'm sure Google and Amazon have the expertise to manage it well, too. In any case, I'm hopeful that we'll see similar cloud infrastructure built in other traditionally underserved areas, such as Africa and South Asia, in the near future.

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