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Wed 15 Oct

Switcher: Expose for Windows Vista

I discovered a really cool application yesterday that enables Expose-like effects on Windows Vista. It's called Swticher, and so far I've found it to work quite well -- even with my dual monitor setup, which is an improvement over previous Expose clones I've tried. Of course, this tool is free (as in beer, not freedom, unfortunately), but since it takes advantage of APIs only available on Vista won't run on earlier versions of Windows.

While alt+tab is useful sometimes, I think that Expose-like applications are a much more elegant and intuitive solution to managing large numbers of windows. Kudos to Bao Nguyen, the author of Switcher (and a Microsoft employee who wrote this on his own time -- who needs 20% time?), for putting together such a slick tool.

This app gets a seal of approval.

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