The best source for software I've contributed to is my Github page.

HideHNComments: A Chrome extension to hide the comments on Hacker News. Source on Github.

snowflake: A (trivially) simple tool and library to handle unique identifiers for machines. A productivity tool inspired by the Pomodoro technique. Currently available for Ubuntu, should work on most Linux systems. See my blog post about it. A schema-less, indexed, MySQL-based datastore inspired by FriendFeed (see this blog post). Provides a pretty simple way to build a highly-configurable datastore using standard Python dictionaries. Thought it's currently more a proof-of-concept than anything else, I am using it in "production" for my custom URL shortener.

PyMightex: A Python library for the Mightex camera. This was specifically built to work with a BTN-B013U camera and implemented from the "Mightex Buffer USB Camera USB Protocol", v1.0.5. Also contains a simple cross-platform viewer application demonstrating use of this API for real-time image processing via PIL (that's right, a working Mightex-to-PIL Image converter: use mine so you don't have to suffer the pain of figuring out how to do this yourself).

Fun stuff

Instant Runoff Voting implemented as a bash script.

Older software