Or, justifying my claim to be a nerd

GSM Whitespace: Turns out that old flip-phone you have from the 90's is also a cognitive radio. This is a research project/my dissertation topic to bring modern ideas about spectrum sharing and frequency agility to old-school 2G cellular networks, in a way that's totally backwards compatible. This is super important, IMHO, since these are some of the most widely deployed networks on earth, yet still don't reach many people are hampered by very strict spectrum licensing requirements.

MapNet: A project done with my friend Eric Gavaletz to determine the available bandwidth of links on the Internet. Results writeup. Visualization of available bandwidth. More plots.

OrangeMesh: OrangeMesh is a simple, open source network management dashboard for ROBIN based networks; I was the lead dev.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Build Robots: A fun Lego exoskeleton I built for an injured finger.

HURDAT Data Mining: Predicting Atlantic basin tropical cyclone landfalls, my data mining final project.

SLAM on the NXT: My robotics final project

Adam's Trebuchet: My brother and I built a trebuchet for his 5th grade TAG class.

Robots That Follow You: My summer 2007 project done at DILab at ORNL.

Blackjack: My first "major" programming project at UNC.

Solving the 8-puzzle: UTK CS 494/594 genetic programming project