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Tue 27 Jul

Attention is Wealth

My friends Zac and Caroline spent their spring break up in NYC, where they were almost run over by a bike messenger who shouted the above phrase at them.

I decided to put it on a shirt. I had acquired some screenprinting materials earlier in the school year and over the summer finally had a chance to put them to use. The results were actually not that bad:

If there is any interest in these shirts I'm happy to make you one. $5 if you send me your own shirt, or $10 if you want me to provide the shirt for you. Email me if you're interested!

Mon 26 Jul

DIY Ultralight Hammock Tree Straps

I'm a big fan of hammock camping. I bought my first hammock, an ENO Singlenest, about a year ago. After realizing I got a better night's sleep in a hammock than I do on my bed at home, I was sold on the concept.

Hammocks are cool, but they're not that useful unless you can attach them to a tree, a rock, or some other anchor. Several hammock companies sell accessories variously referred to as "tree straps", "tree slings", or trade names like ENO's "Slap Strap". These are typically wide pieces of material meant to be wrapped around your anchor, with a loop so you can easily attach your hammock. They make hammock setup much simpler and quicker, and more importantly prevent damage to tree trunks. You can buy these at retail for $20-$25, but here's a simple, lightweight design that you can make on your own for less than $5.

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