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Thu 30 Jul

Processing Source Attachments for Eclipse

This file contains the source for processing.core from Processing 1.0.5, as of today the most recent release of the Processing library. You can specify this zip file as the source attachment in Eclipse for core.jar (right click on core.jar > Properties… > Java Source Attachment > External File) to view the source code for the processing.core package.

Processing 1.0.5 core.jar source

Sat 25 Jul

That took long enough...

Looks like I've finally gotten around to moving to this new domain. I've imported my old blog over here and I'm going to be working on updating the rest of the site this weekend, focusing on unifying everything into one system rather than maintaining static HTML files alongside my blog.

You may notice I'm using a new blog platform, Chyrp. Now, I still love Wordpress, but I came to realize that it's just a bit much for the way I use my website. So I've opted for something lighter to reduce overhead, simplify my updating process, and just learn something new. I'm going to try this out for a few weeks and decide if it's right for me. If not, I'll probably give Blosxom a shot or just write a small thing myself.

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Fri 3 Jul

Consolidation and Domain Move

Well,, you've been good, and I have no intention of ridding myself of you. After all, you were my first home on the internet. But as time's gone on I've realized that, well, I don't know any other way to put this but you're too long. No one wants to email [email protected], right? It's redundant! And any email I send (or someone on my domain sends) has my name right in the from address!

And don't get me started about my Gmail account: I could have had [email protected] back when I got my first Gmail invite at 14. But no, I thought it would be cool to get some name written in 1337, and when someone asks for my Gtalk name I have to say, "Er... let me write it down for you....". It has to end sometime, and now is the time.

So starting today, you can now reach me at the much simpler shaddih at gmail d.t com. And by the end of the weekend, I'll be reachable at sh @ ddih dot org (how's that for a domain hack?). If you're a Gtalk contact of mine, I'll be sending you a friend request from my new Gmail account. will soon become a CNAME for And, thanks to an awesome friend at Google, you can even call me at 757-SHADDIH. Yes, I thought he was awesome long before he got me a Google Voice account.

Account migration kind of sucks, especially since there are "so many memoreeeees" attached to my old Gmail account, but it's not going anywhere, and I think I'll be able to get most if not all of my emails and chat history from my old account. If you really want you can still reach me there: it'll be forwarded to my new address.

However, this is necessary. I've battled multiple identities online for a long time, and I want to get them all fixed up before I leave college. The longer I wait, the more complicated this process becomes, and the less likely I'll be able to get the shorter, more readable names I want.

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