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Wed 24 Sep

Who Killed the Kilo Plus?

I've had my eye on the REI Kilo Plus sleeping bag for some time now. It was a really fantastic looking bag, lightweight and rated to 0 degrees F. Recently it vanished off the REI website and I haven't been able to find it anywhere since. Turns out it was discontinued. Says Nick the REI Product Information Specialist:

Unfortunately, it does appear that the Kilo Plus +0 has been discontinued. We are redoing our sleeping bag line for 2009. They should start arriving in January of 2009.

He did suggest a few other bags, such as the Marmot Never Summer, which incidentally was the second on my list of desired 0 degree down bags. It would be a tough decision, whether to go for the Marmot bag or wait for the new REI bags in January, but fortunately I don't have to make up my mind since I don't have the money for either right now!

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Sun 21 Sep

Red Alert is Back!

One of my fondest memories from my childhood gaming days was playing Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Such an intimidating name, isn't it? I started craving some old school RTS action after the UNC Computer Science Club meeting when we played Starcraft for a few hours. I had tried installing my old copies of Red Alert a few times over the years, but I could never get them to run on WinXP or Vista machines.

Well, I found out yesterday that as of a couple weeks ago, Westwood Studios released Red Alert as a free download [warning: video start playing in link] in celebration of their 13th year. And the best part, they included a patch to let you play the old Win95 game in XP and Vista.

I've blown most of my weekend playing that game. I remember the first time I played it was in Jordan while I was visiting my relatives there. I spent HOURS a day sitting on the computer blowing crap up. In retrospect, I wish I had taken that time to get to know my family there better or, say, learn Arabic while my brain was still willing to absorb such things. Regardless, now I have Red Alert back to eat up my time, and it's just as fun as it was years ago.

Fri 19 Sep

Hello world!

#include stdio.h

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

printf("hello world!");

return 0;