Mon 30 Apr

Goodbye, Yee-Haw

Yee-Haw Industries, a fantastic print shop in my hometown of Knoxville, closed its doors today after a decade and a half of making awesome letterpress and screen print art. They had a unique style that to me epitomized Knoxville, maybe because their shop was responsible for designing so many posters and signs around the area.

I remember Yee-Haw as being the first interesting place I ever noticed on Gay Street, back when it probably was the only interesting place on Gay Street. Every time I go back, I'm impressed by how much more exciting and lively downtown Knoxville has become, a transformation which is in no small part due to creative people like the ones behind Yee-Haw.

As others have noted, they will be missed. Thanks to Yee-Haw for all they've done for Knoxville.