Sun 5 Oct

Spring 2009 UNC Honors Courses

In an effort to stymie the move towards isolation, secrecy, and exclusivity of the UNC-Chapel Hill Honors program, here is the most up-to-date and complete listing of Spring 2009 Honors courses, including course ID's. Starting this semester, you must have access to the course ID of Honors courses to be able to even find out what time they are offered; otherwise they are hidden in the registration system.

Here is the list.

For a program that prides itself on "giving every Carolina student a chance to expand the boundaries of knowledge and be challenged in new ways", it's particularly disappointing that they have chosen to keep Honors courses hidden from non-honors students.

Remember kids: Information wants to be free.

EDIT: Bureaucracy pwn! So much for that plan.

Dear Shaddi, You were recently dropped from BIOL101H, because you are not a member of the Honors program.  Students who are not in the Honors program will be permitted to register for this course, if space is available and you meet all eligibility requirements, beginning Monday, November 3 at 8:00am.