Sat 4 Oct

Spring 2009 Registration

It's already time to register for classes? What? That's crazy; it's barely October.

Here's what I'm thinking about taking:

  • Computer Security (COMP 590-005)
  • Programming Language Concepts (COMP 524)
  • Computational Geometry (COMPĀ  651)
  • Internet Services and Protocols (COMP 431)
  • Principles of Biology (BIOL 101H)
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 410)
  • Macroeconomics (ECON 420H)
  • Introduction to Probability (STOR 435)
  • Geographical Issues in the Developing World (GEOG 130)
  • Human Computer Interaction (INLS 318)
  • Reframing Poverty (SPCL 390)

My thoughts on this list:

  • Damn, I can't take them all! Gotta narrow it down to 4 or 5. I'm registering with the senior class tomorrow so I probably won't be able to rely on classes filling up to help me decide.
  • I really, really want to take COMP 524 for some reason. Maybe it's writing code in a bunch of different languages.
  • I technically shouldn't be able to register for any honors classes because I got kicked out of the honors program due to not taking enough honors courses (that'll be the subject of another post). But, I'm still on their listserv so I got the course registration numbers for all the courses. I'm going to try to sign up anyway and hope that their only means of keeping non-honors students out is security by obscurity by keeping the course numbers secret.
  • My friend Carlos is teaching the Reframing Poverty course. Should be an interesting way to spend Thursday nights; it's just a one-hour pass/fail.
  • The economics is my attempt to finish that second major. Is it worth it? Do I really want to? I don't know. I've realized I absolutely love computer science and part of me worries that I'll get into these non-CS classes and just be bored out of my mind. I really should focus on getting ECON 410 done, since that's the prerequisite for pretty much everything else in their department.